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I received another email yesterday from a 25 year old:
“Hi Lyn,
I am interested in getting my hormone levels tested. I am 25 but exhibit a lot of symptoms that indicate my hormones are not balanced: excessive sweating, hair growth, night sweats, hot flashes, weight gain, depression, anxiety, etc. I never had any of these issues until after I gave birth and I’ve been suffering ever since. I want to make an appointment to come in. Can you help me? Thank you for the information.”
The good news is “Yes, we can!” Here’s the FUN FACT about our 5 Happy Hormone Cottage locations in the Dayton/Cincinnati area. We are an educational AND a medical facility for optimal hormone balance in sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone), Cortisol and Thyroid AND WE TREAT WOMEN AGES 18-80 and sometimes even younger….and older! In essence, we are a facility for life. If I could have one wish, it would be to encourage women of all ages to question their beliefs they have been taught about their hormones and to embrace the wellness approach to optimal hormone balance, which is, “Hormones are to Women, What Water is to Plants.” In other words, when we understand and accept the fact that our hormones DO deplete with age beginning right around age 35, and sometimes younger, and they need to be replenished with hormones that are bioidentical to what our body makes, we can prevent a lot of suffering and ultimately disease. Hormones are not something we deal with just through menopause; and my Happy Hormone Cottage is NOT a menopause facility. We are a hormone facility that deals with ALL stages of life in this realm:
-irregular periods
-healthy aging
By examining our beliefs and gathering information on the truth about hormone health, my hope is you will listen to your body and do what it takes to proactively refill your hormone receptors BEFORE issues arise. This is called prevention. Understanding that hormones play a significantly huge role in the health of our bodies through-out life, will hopefully translate to taking action as needed to stay hormonally balanced. And we have to look at the full spectrum of not only sex hormones, but cortisol-upon which stress plays a huge role and does impact sex hormones, and thyroid. Our HHC looks at the full spectrum. In fact, we are specialists. We also understand the role having the right supplement strategy plays in our health, as well as eating healthfully and exercising.
All of this good news is complicated by the fact that in this arena of hormone health, confusion reigns, and our trusted healthcare practitioners often aren’t well-versed in hormone health. I have had doctors tell me they received 4 hours of hormone education in medical school. So my recommendation is that you visit a hormone specialist like the Happy Hormone Cottage, where optimal hormone balance is what we do, what we know and what we practice.
I have seen the tide turn in my last 6 years since opening my cottage in the Heart of Centerville.
Today women want natural. They want organic. I am so happy to report that now the first question we get asked isn’t “What will my doctor say?” but “Is it natural?” Yes, it is! Optimal hormone balance is all about health, prevention of disease, and feeling our best. It is taking charge of our journey from our mid-20’s and through-out life to our best health naturally. I call this empowerment!

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