The Importance of Educating Yourself/ aka “A Desperate Woman (pellets)!”


This just in:
“Hi Lyn! I just stumbled across your website by accident and I’m hoping you can help me! I really think I’m going through peri menopause with extreme hot flashes, weight gain, loss of sex drive, extreme vaginal dryness, sugar cravings, headaches, fatigue, moody, constantly urinating….you name it! I just turned 41 years old and I don’t know what to do! I went and had blood work done and my doctor said everything was fine; my thyroid was perfect; everything looked good. But a few months went by and I still felt horrible, so he sent me for more blood work. All of a sudden, my thyroid was high, so he put me on thyroid medication. I still feel horrible and not myself. So I looked into pellet therapy and they sent me for blood work. I don’t have the results back yet, but I have an appointment scheduled for this Wednesday with the pellet doctor. But after reading your website, I am scared to death now to go get pellets! I’m looking for someone to be honest with me and will please help me in which direction to go! I feel hopeless! And I would love to get my life back! If you could kindly take a few moments to respond I would be truly grateful. I hope to hear from you soon.”
My response:
“I’m so glad you emailed me. Yes, I can help you. Your first step is to gather information to get educated in this area of women’s health. It is the one area where the waters are very muddy…..often perpetuated by 10 year old misinformation with the drug company agenda that just keeps circulating; and the fact that doctors aren’t taught a lot about hormones, or natural hormone balance, in medical school. So the latest cutting edge information isn’t a part of current standard of care.
First of all, we don’t use blood work to determine hormone needs. Why not? Because when one checks hormones in blood, the hormones have already been depleted by the heart and the ranges are so big that everyone is “in range.” (my line is, “one would have to be dead to be out of range!”) We like to use cutting edge technology in a urine strip testing kit that not only tells us about the hormone levels at the tissue level of cells, but also tells us how our hormones are methylating and metabolizing. This is extremely valuable information!
Secondly, pellet therapy, especially for women, doesn’t make sense to us and we see a lot of women suffering because of them. We just had another desperate woman call us yesterday, on pellets, now losing her hair, experiencing severe acne issues, and just miserable. At our facility, we believe in using hormone creams, vaginally, that are customized for each woman, based on her specific body’s needs.  We call this physiological dosing. And we customize this physiological dosing for each woman’s body’s needs for progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone as needed, based on our accurate testing. Pellets use supra-physiological dosing of mainly testosterone, but can also include estrogen, based on blood serum hormone values. This can be hugely problematic and knowing what we know, simply does not make sense to us.
My advice for you is to call us tomorrow morning (we open at 9:00) to set up a consultation. We can do these over the phone if you live out of our area. These consultations are always free and they are used to educate women. We are a women helping women facility. You can call us at 513-444-6343 if you are interested. Frankly, and especially because of your upcoming pellet appointment, I would most definitely get educated first, so you can take charge of your journey.
A final thought- Suzanne Somers just wrote a new book entitled, “I’m Too Young for This….the
Natural Hormone Solution to Peri Menopause.” Her other book, “Ageless”, is also very informative and a good place to get information. I also always suggest Dr Uzzi Reiss’s book, “Natural Hormone Balance”, as another valuable read to get educated. I just met him in Las Vegas at a Functional Medicine Convention and he is as delightful as his book!
The bottom line here is that in this area of women’s health, you need to get educated so you can become enlightened and empowered to take charge of your journey to your best health naturally. Our women who do this, and are assertive with their doctors, are the ones with the most success. Luckily for our women living in our area, we now have our own nurse practitioner working with us on our campus. But for our women who live out of our area, they need to search to find the best doctor for them. I urge them to keep looking until they find one who will listen to them, validate them, do what it takes to meet their needs, and be open to the possibilities. I think being open and willing to learn new information is key. Doctors can go to my website and click on “Recommended Readings and Resources/ Practitioner’s Resources” for information and clinical studies. They can also click on my “HHC Consulting/Consulting for Doctors” to learn how we can partner with them to get them up to speed in this area, while helping them build their business in BHRT. So the information IS out there and we are more than happy to help.
I hope you find this information valuable. I look forward to hearing from you. We are all about you, your journey and helping you navigate the waters in this incredibly dynamic field!”

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