The Things My Clients Tell Me!


Working with women all day, every day and listening to their stories, I never know what kind of things I’m going to hear about their hormonal journeys to better health….but the funniest comments I hear are said to them by their doctors. Darlene told me that when she went to her doctor a couple years ago, at the age of 42, with issues of irritability, exhaustion, sleep issues, anxiety and low libido, she told her female ob gyn that she thought she had a hormone imbalance, had been doing some reading and thought she wanted to try the natural hormone therapy. Her doctor looked at her as if she had grown 2 heads and said, “I want you to stop watching Oprah and STAY OFF THE INTERNET!!” Darlene said she just sat there and looked at her doctor in disbelief and pity. She walked away, visited us and went to one of the doctors on or website who DO listen to and validate their hormone imbalanced women. Darlene began our therapy and began to feel better in one week! She is now balanced and beautiful! By the way, she still watches old Oprah shows and is most definitely ON the internet!!
Another client told me that HER ob gyn threw a book on the desk in front of her when SHE mentioned she wanted to do the compounded hormone replacement therapy. This doctor, also a female, said, “Oh, you know that compounding is BS! I don’t know why you would even consider doing that when I can give you something that is FDA approved!”. Sharon walked away and came to us! So glad she did! Her energy and fatigue are gone, her sugar cravings have gone away, and her mood is better. What I know is that everything we make at our compounding lab IS FDA-approved. But because we customize it for the individual….we are regulated by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy. What I also know is that ob gyns joins a group called ACOG. ACOG stands for “American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.”. Guess which pharmaceutical company funds ACOG? Guess which group has the greatest peer pressure about stepping outside the box and thinking more openly and holistically?? Guess which group of doctors are now losing clients at an alarmingly high rate because their former patients are now going to more open-minded doctors on my website?? Oh, and the comment about “compounding is BS,”….well, let’s discuss that with family members whose loved ones are in Hospice, and whose pain level is being managed by transdermal therapy made at our compounding lab because they can no longer swallow their pain meds. OR discuss this with the vet who just saved a beloved pet, due to a specific, individual medication that was made in a compounding lab. Compounding goes back years and years BEFORE big pharmaceutical companies became prevalent. Just sayin’.
So the next time YOU visit YOUR ob gyn and want to have a discussion about a more natural strategy for YOUR hormone imbalance issues, be prepared to meet with resistance and even ridicule. Why? MY bumper sticker says,
“CONDEMNATION WITHOUT INVESTIGATION IS THE HEIGHT OF ARROGANCE.”. You WILL have to be assertive and educated into the path YOU want to take AND empowered to walk away from your traditional-minded ob gyn and toward a more open-minded doctor. They ARE out there. The first step is to NOT assume that just because your doctor likes you, she or he will work with you on a path they aren’t familiar OR comfortable with. I hear this all the time: “MY doctor loves me and will do whatever I ask.”. In a word-“NOT!”. I see this time and time again. And then my clients are stunned when their request for a more natural strategy toward hormone balance (customized BHRT) is dismissed and they are steered toward a more traditional “strategy” that involves synthetic drugs masking as hormones, an estrogen patch (given without checking hormone levels first), or an
antidepressant. My husband asks our clients who are offered an antidepressant for their hormone imbalance issues, “Are you prozac deficient??”. Doubtful!! They are most likely progesterone deficient. So why not just prescribe progesterone?? Because progesterone can not be patented, so drug companies can’t make a profit, so you will not be offered progesterone by your traditional doctor.  Buyer beware! Your journey is up to you. You do have the power to direct your own path. You probably won’t be guided by your doctor in this area and that’s ok!! We understand and we are prepared to help educate and guide you. You just need a little faith and the ability to think for yourself. I spoke to a group of women last night at a Happy Hormone Hour and one of the ladies there said, “Well, I’ll go discuss this with my doctor and then come see you.”. I asked her who her doctor was. Guess who it is?? It is the doctor who told my client to “stop watching Oprah and stay OFF the internet!”. Do you think her conversation with this doctor will go anywhere near the area of natural hormone balance?? Good luck with that! She reconsidered, is coming to see us first and we can direct her toward a list of health care practitioners in our area who WILL listen to her AND work with us!

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