The Top Ten Reasons to Visit the Happy Hormone Cottage


Unless you have been living in another country or a cave, you have probably heard the buzz from a plethora of sources on hormone therapy. And you have most likely heard conflicting and confusing information. It has been my experience that when we go to our healthcare professionals to clear up the confusion, most aren’t in the know in the latest research and information. So what to do? Educate yourself with the latest information and own your journey to your best health naturally! This is the primary reason why I began my first Happy Hormone Cottage in the Heart of Centerville 5 years ago- to clear up the confusion and misinformation that abounds in hormone therapy, and to encourage women to take charge of their journey. We’ve come a long way, baby!

The first truth you must know, and this truth is supported in the research and studies (read on our website ) written by doctors, is that we MUST REFILL OUR HORMONE TANKS as we age, so we can prevent disease and prevent the symptoms of hormone imbalance that occur as we age after 35. Let me be clear. Our HHC is NOT a menopause facility. The scope is so much broader. What we understand is the importance of refilling our hormone receptors every day, beginning right around age 35-40 and continuing on until we expire. It is a daily routine like brushing our teeth to prevent tooth decay. What we understand is that when our hormone receptors run dry, there are no hormones left to do key jobs in our body. So for a healthy body, we NEED the necessary replenished hormones (progesterone, estradiol/estriol, testosterone) to protect our heart from heart disease, fight osteoporosis by rebuilding strong bones, prevent breast cancer and protect our brain from dementia, AND to abolish the many symptoms that arise from hormone imbalance: sleeplessness, fatigue, low libido, anxiety, weight gain, brain fog etc. To do anything less is not supported by the latest information.

Once you understand the importance of refilling our hormone tanks, why come to us at one of our 5 locations? (Piqua, Vandalia, Kettering, Mason and Crestview Hills, KY) Let me list the top ten reasons:

1) Our primary goal is to listen, validate, educate and love our women from where they are to where they want to be, with free consultations. Our program, that I developed, is based on customer service, non-invasive therapy, and affordability. We are authentic and honest. We value our women and offer a successful support system with the goal to get our women to feel their best.

2) We are the ONLY facility in our area that uses the latest, state-of-the-art dried urine strip testing to check sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone; AND cortisol. The amount of information we can glean from dried urine testing far exceeds the information we can get from blood serum or saliva.

3) We have our own nurse practitioner, whom I call our “hormone whisperer!” We encourage our clients to keep their ob gyn for their gyn needs, but see our nurse practitioner for their hormone health needs. This just makes sense. Plus it is easy and convenient to get all of your hormone needs met at one facility.

4) Not only do we now have our own nurse practitioner, we also have on staff, Jeff Hogrefe RPh, who has an Advanced Fellowship in Functional Medicine through the Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, which allows him to look at the body holistically to fix the cause of health issues. He works closely with our nurse practitioner.

5) We are the only facility around that uses physiological dosing of our compounded bioidentical hormone creams to refill hormone receptors. We are against supra-physiological delivery systems that put too much hormone into the body. Why? We have seen too many issues with this type of therapy and it doesn’t make sense to us.

6) We are affiliated with Suzanne Somers Forever Health organization. We are approved by her as a viable Bhrt facility.

7) We are the only facility in the area that has the Thyroflex thyroid machine (FDA-approved) that tests the function of the thyroid to determine need for medication and proper dosing.

8) We have a consulting business, HHC Consulting for Doctors, where we offer mentorship to doctors across the country in how to do Bhrt the right way.

9) I have established a Foundation- The Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation- to raise money for the prevention of breast cancer. I have access to cutting edge information and experts in the field of holistic healing that need funding to continue their life-saving work in the prevention of cancer. If we can predict it, we can work to prevent it. To learn more or to donate, go to

10) Finally, I recently wrote a book-Own Your Journey to Optimal Hormone Balance- to educate and empower women to take charge of their journey to their best health naturally.

My team and I at our Happy Hormone Cottages walk our walk of women helping women for wellness. It starts with you. Welcome to your journey. We look forward to serving you!

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