This Fascinates Me!


I’m always fascinated when I hear women who have “gone through the change of life” say, “I’ve gone through menopause so I don’t have to worry about hormones anymore.”. This happens especially when these women know I am going to be the featured speaker for a group they belong to. Their response is often, “I guess this doesn’t pertain to me.” This fascinates me on several levels. First of all, I never intended my Happy Hormone Cottage to be about menopause. I don’t even use that word because it has such a negative connotation. My Happy Hormone Cottage is about women’s health and hormone imbalance issues. Our demographic is actually women (and yes, men!!) who are typically ages 35 and older, but we have women on our therapy who are in their 20’s.  So to try to put us into such a narrow niche like “menopause”-aged women is doing us a huge disservice. We are all about finding the cause of hormone imbalance issues for ALL ages of women in 3 major areas:  sex hormones, adrenal glands and thyroid. By finding the CAUSE of the hormone imbalance, we can FIX the hormone imbalance and accompanying health issue,  and do this WITHOUT the use of drugs that conventional medicine is so fond of: antidepressants, sleeping aids & synthetic drugs that mask as hormones. Secondly, our goal is to repair and replenish depleted hormone levels in all 3 areas as an anti-aging strategy, but most importantly, as a disease prevention strategy. Let me give you an example. After we go through the change of life, so we are no longer having monthly cycles, our estrogen levels are severely depleted and because we are older, our bodies just can’t make the supply of estrogen we need. Here’s a fun fact:  did you know that estrogen performs 300 jobs in our bodies? You read that correctly- 300 jobs! Its biggest job deals with protecting our heart, brain and bones from disease. So if we don’t have the estrogen we need because we are older, and our body needs this estrogen to have a healthy heart, brain and bones…..then what do we do? The answer is interesting! If you are one of the many women who are taking charge of your journey to your best life naturally, then your answer is probably natural hormone therapy. This is what our Happy Hormone Cottage is all about. We check depleted hormone levels that are causing the hormone imbalance, and thus the health issues, and we replenish these with customized bhrt (bio identical hormone replacement therapy). But if you are one of the women who think you are past your prime so, “Thank goodness I’m done with hormones!” then I worry about you! You are the ones who are at the greatest risk for heart disease- the #1 killer of women in our 50’s & 60’s, dementia and osteoporosis.  Knowing what I just told you about estrogen and the 300 jobs it performs in our bodies, this should make sense! And if you are one of these women who just doesn’t get the importance of replenishing depleted hormone levels with natural hormone therapy, then chances are great that you either are, or will be at some point soon, be on drugs (and probably many) for these significant health issues that are caused by lack of hormones.  See, here’s the thing–my truth is that as women in our society today, we have been sold a bill of goods. We have been led to believe that drug therapy is the answer to our health issues. We go to the doctor for prescriptions, and we are bombarded with commercials and ads constantly by pharmaceutical companies advertising their multitude of drugs and it is accepted that we just take drug after drug to deal with these health issues. (Deal with but never heal. Interesting, huh?) But we need to start asking the big questions, “Yes, but isn’t there a better way? What if I don’t want to die with a fistful of drugs that never fixed the cause of my disease? Don’t I deserve better than this?” As I’ve said before, “If we know better, we do better!” So the next time the opportunity arises to hear me speak at your next group meeting, my wish for you, is that you will open your mind and be open to the possibilities of considering maybe a different path to pursue for YOUR best health naturally. After all, what do you have to lose?



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