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I received an email today I was happy to address and think the information is valuable to share. Here goes:
“Lyn, in light of the recent scare with steroid injections and fungal meningitis outbreak….supposedly created at a compounding pharmacy out east. What assurances do we have that the Piqua Medicine Shoppe has very high standards in their manufacturing process? Could you and Jeff address this please and reassure us. Thanks, Sherry.”

Here is my response:

“Hi Sherry, Thank you for your email and for your questions. The New England Compounding Lab was a sterile compounding lab specializing in intrathecal therapy whose injections were shot directly into the spine. They were a true manufacturer and under the guidelines of the FDA. We are a small compounding lab (nonsterile only) whose focus is topical creams: hormone therapy, veterinary care, pain creams etc.) Jeff has no interest in ever compounding intrathecal therapy, nor do most small compounders. Since we make compounded therapy for customized dosing, we are under the stringent guidelines of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.”

Jeff adds his thoughts below:

“Sherry, the Piqua Medicine Shoppe is a nonsterile compounding pharmacy. We follow USP 795 regulations. Sterile compounding follows USP 797. As of September, we sold our regular prescription pharmacy to CVS so we could focus on compounding only. We just purchased a Resodyn mixer to custom mix our hormone medications. We are the only compounding pharmacy in the world to have this machine. This allows us accuracy that is 30-50 times more accurate than other compounding pharmacies, and better than most manufacturers. We are very excited! We test a great deal of our compounds for potency to validate all of our processes. Rest assured you are getting product in the range of 99.8-100.2%. This is unheard of with traditional compounding or the manufacturing processes. I hope this information helps reassure you that you are in the best hands possible. Warmly, Jeff”

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