I received an email this morning from another happy hormone client:
Thank you so much for your quick and informative response to my questions. It was very helpful. It is also comforting to have you there. Thank you.
Perimenopause is not easy. I have read that it could take up to 10 years and I have been in it for about 2 years, although I haven’t been using your
progesterone cream all that time.  I am thankful for the help your company has given me. Sincerely, Becky”  I am always happy when I receive emails
and correspondence from satisfied women. What I know is that if we can begin to give women progesterone cream (note-for our practitioners, I do
NOT mean progestin. There is a world of difference between our natural progesterone cream and the synthetic progestin that we believe is one of the worst drugs ever made) starting at around age 35 when our progesterone levels begin to deplete, we can make a world of difference in the lives of our women and nip their symptoms in the bud before they even begin. If we can prevent the symptoms of progesterone deficiency (which then leads to estrogen dominance i.e. weight gain and elevated risk of breast cancer) which are stressful for women and interfere with their joy of life, since these symptoms involve sleeplessness, fatigue, irritability, low libido, among others, then why not prescribe progesterone instead of offering us antidepressants and sleeping aids? I’ve never understood that mentality.
Here is my response to Becky:
“Becky, Just a side note……our belief, based on studies done in Europe for over 30 years, is that natural hormone replacement (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, dosed physiologically for each woman and in a topical cream delivery system. note-we do NOT believe in pellet therapy for women as we see on a daily basis the damaging effects too much of any one hormone can do to the body) is a strategy we use for WELLNESS AND DISEASE PREVENTION, as opposed to current standard of care that treats the disease after it shows up. I don’t know about you, but my thinking is that if one already has the disease, it’s a little late to be thinking of prevention. So we spend “our golden years” in “damage control mode.” My point is that I will never stop using my bhrt. We know that keeping our hormones at optimal levels helps prevent disease. For example, estrogen performs over 300 jobs in our bodies. When we no longer have periods and our estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels are low, this is when we need bhrt the most—-to prevent heart disease, dementia, breast cancer and osteoporosis. So even after you go from perimenopause to menopause and beyond, I hope you will continue to use your natural hormone replacement for optimal health.

Warmly, Lyn”

Of course, education in this area is key and it is the responsibility of each woman to research this topic for herself so she can discuss her options with her doctor. Make no mistake, those women who do not do the work to be informed in this arena, and aren’t able to dialogue with their doctor on their options outside of drug therapy, are at the greatest risk for having the smallest input into their best health naturally.

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