I am pleased to announce that the Happy Hormone Cottage is moving into West Chester! Starting mid-October, we will be working at Dr. Diatte’s office at Beckett Ridge Family Practice on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10-4:30. We will do the same thing we do at our cottage in Centerville: listen to women, respect and validate their story, offer hope AND a strategy for their natural hormone balance. All of these services we provide free of charge, as our passion is simply helping women and men recover from a hormone imbalance with customized natural hormone therapy. I will continue to work out of Dr. Diatte’s facility once a week handing out therapy to our clients when it is ready. Clients can either call the cottage at 513-444-6343 to schedule a consultation at Dr. Diatte’s office OR they can schedule an appointment online. We have tentative plans in February to be in Westchester full time. Our commercials will be airing daily on Channel 12 during the Dr. Oz and The Doctors shows starting November 3 AND we will be on 2 radio stations! You may even find us on a billboard or two in the Cincinnati area. I am really excited about offering our services to women and men in Cincinnati. I had a woman travel from Cincinnati to my Happy Hormone Hour at our Piqua Medicine Shoppe in September and tell me that we are desperately needed in the area. The options that are currently available to address hormone imbalance issues in Cincinnati seem to be quite costly and somewhat limited. At the Happy Hormone Cottage and our Piqua Medicine Shoppe, we offer free consultations and a successful 3-step program with life-long follow ups (all free-we donate our time) AND our customized therapy is compounded in-house. So that makes US accountable for your hormone balance at every step of the way on your journey. We walk the walk of natural hormone balance and show our passion for women (and men) by letting our actions speak for themselves.

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