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This email just in: “Hi Lyn, I am looking to get more information on your services. I am out of your area. Can you work with me and other women like me, who don’t live near you? I am interested in hormone testing as well as thyroid testing. I went through menopause very early, along with having other issues that I suspect may be hormone related. Other questions I have are -once you are so on Bhrt, are you on it for life? Are there long term side effects? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you!”
My response: “Thank you for your email. We DO work with women all over the country. You can set up a phone consultation by calling our office at 513-444-6343. Through this consultation, you can get information and education on hormone imbalance (a much broader perspective than menopause) and the necessity and importance of refilling our hormone tanks as we age. You will also be able to purchase a dried urine strip testing kit, and we can ship it to you. This is cutting edge technology and gives us great information on your body and its hormones and adrenal glands, including how your body methylates and metabolizes its hormones. From there, you would make an appointment with our nurse practitioner, Angela, at either our Cincinnati or our Dayton location. She would use your test results and your body’s biofeedback to create a customized Bhrt (Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) strategy for you. Our compounding pharmacy would ship your hormone therapy to you, or you could stop by and pick it up on your way back home. At your 3 month follow-up appointment with Angela, she could work with you and your thyroid and our Thyroflex machine. We like to start our clients on hormone therapy before we address the thyroid. It seems to be easier on the body this way.
When I began my cottage 5+ years ago, my intention was to simply educate women on their bodies as they age. I looked around and saw young women in their 30s and 40s struggling with hormone imbalance issues of sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, fatigue, low libido, and weight gain. I recognized the great need that existed to educate women on hormone balance and their bodies. What I know is that our bodies begin to become hormonally imbalanced around the age of 35. Studies show we must refill our hormone tanks as we age so we can not only eradicate these hormone imbalance symptoms, but most importantly so we can live a high quality of life, disease-free. And we must continue to refill these hormone tanks throughout our life. If we don’t, how will our bodies perform all the jobs it needs to, as we age? It is this attendant loss of hormones that aren’t replaced, that contribute to heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and breast cancer. You can go to my website at invigom98.sg-host.com and click on “Resources/Readings” section to read the plethora of studies on this topic and the importance of refilling our hormone receptors as we age. Yet still, most of our doctors continue to believe outdated, archaic information that is perpetuated by the media, with the big pharma agenda. This is why we MUST take charge of our journey to our best health naturally. If we don’t, today is the best day we will have. This is why women all over the country are finding my Happy Hormone Cottage and are willing to make the trip to see our nurse practitioner, Angela. The fact that we are also a Suzanne Somers Forever Health affiliate gives us great credibility in this field of hormone replacement and wellness.
Long term side effects? A life of health! Why? Because we are not putting drugs masking as hormones into our bodies. We are refilling our hormone tanks with actual hormones made from plant-based powders that mimic the hormones our body used to make, but due to the aging process, no longer can. So the long term “side effect” is a life free from disease. Sadly, conventional standard of care in our country is not focused on wellness. It is focused on disease. Pharmaceutical companies make one size fits all drugs to band-aid symptoms. I want to help women find and fix the cause of their issues. See the difference? A life of disease vs a life of wellness. Which path will YOU choose? invigom98.sg-host.com. Women helping women for wellness.”

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