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Emails! I get emails! And my favorite ones are from the women we have helped along the way on their journey to their best health naturally. This first email below corrects the misconception that we are a menopause facility. We are not a menopause facility. I never use the word ‘menopause.’ We are a hormone imbalance educational facility as well as now a medical facility. Hormone imbalance is part of the aging process. As we begin to lose our hormones starting at right around age 35, we all experience a hormone imbalance. It is how we choose to proceed in dealing with this hormone imbalance that determines a life of wellness vs a life of disease. The choices run the gamut from doing nothing (denial), to using a drug-for-the-masses to control the symptoms of the hormone imbalance (hot flashes, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, low libido, moodiness, osteopenia, brain fog….), to seeking to understand what is going on in our bodies by reading and educating ourselves. This is where my Happy Hormone Cottage comes into play. We now have 5 cottages in the greater Cincinnati-Dayton area to help women own their journey to wellness by holistically addressing the cause of their hormone imbalance and working to fix that. We recommend refilling our hormone tanks with customized, compounded bhrt that is created specifically for each woman based on her hormone testing. I met one woman recently at one of my book signing events, who said to me, ‘Oh I’m fine hormonally.” I asked, “How do you know you are fine?” She responded, “My doctor told me I was.” Hmmm. How does her doctor know she is fine? Did he run the typical blood work that, quite frankly, according to functional medicine experts doesn’t provide us with the information we need for wellness?The first step to solving any issue is the awareness that there is one.
This first email is from our 24 year old client whose Mom flew her in from the west coast because she had recently had a baby and was suffering from severe post partum depression. Her doctors put her on 3 antidepressants and a bipolar medication. When the Mom asked her daughter’s doctor to please check her hormones, the doctor replied, “Your daughter is too young to be experiencing hormone issues.” Luckily for her daughter, her Mom knew better, so flew her daughter to Ohio, where she lives, to see us. After checking her hormone levels, our nurse practitioner put her on our customized progesterone therapy and a couple of key supplements and within a few days, she began to feel better. By the 3rd month on therapy, she was off all her medication except for one antidepressant. Here is her recent email, “Hey Lyn. Things have been going great here. I have been feeling like my old self again and it has been amazing. Things have actually been going so good that my husband and I have decided to start trying for baby #2. I am meeting with ob/gyn here next week to talk to her about my supplements and my progesterone and have a plan in place in case I have bad post partum again next time. Thanks so much for everything.”
I received another email last week from Trisha (name has been changed) about our nurse practitioner: “Dear Angela, I want to thank you. Since I have been taking my hormone therapy, my blood pressure has been normal and I have been checking it 3 times a day. I have stopped taking my blood pressure medication and I am very grateful. I just wanted you to know.”
This makes me very happy because progesterone is a diuretic and also a vasodilator so lowers blood pressure. So my question is, why isn’t this a part of our current standard of care?
Maria writes, “Hello all! I have been on your hormone therapy for a year and a half and I have seen so many changes that make me happy! I just want to say thanks for all you do! I can’t tell you enough how much the hormone therapy has changed my life. I am so thankful for your help traveling down this path of natural hormone therapy.”
Helping women own their journey to their best health naturally is my passion. Educating women on their options, providing them with cutting edge technology to check their hormone levels, and then offering them an appointment with our nurse practitioner, who uses their hormone test results and their body’s biofeedback to craft a treatment plan specifically for each woman, is what we are all about. Hormones are to women what water is to plants. Refilling our hormone tanks is a life long strategy for wellness. Like brushing our teeth, the goal is prevention of disease. Do we deserve anything less?
For more information or to order Lyn’s new book, “Own Your Journey to Natural Hormone Balance,” go to www.invigom98.sg-host.com. Women helping women for wellness.

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