I heard someone say the other day, “You know are doing something right when you find you have enemies!”  This really resonates with me. Everywhere I turn there is more bad information after more bad information in the media about hormone replacement therapy. I have yet to read even one media “report” that doesn’t have drug companies agenda all over it. Each piece I read spews untruth after untruth. Why? To me the answer is obvious. It is all about money. If women and their doctors can be scared into believing that their one-size-fits-most hormone drug is the way to go, then women will be afraid to think for themselves and pursue other options for their best health naturally.  It does makes sense to me that when it comes to our health, the most obvious person to discuss concerns with is our doctor. But in this arena of women’s health, hormone balance, current standard of care is most definitely not behind the eight ball. Natural hormone balance is not taught in medical school, so most doctors simply aren’t in the know when it comes to personalized hormone therapy. I am not being critical of doctors. They know what they know.  It just doesn’t happen to be everything….and especially in this area of women’s health, when doctors are visited by drug rep after drug rep selling their latest hormone product, this continues to muddy the waters and perpetuate the misinformation and untruths. We DO have studies for our practitioners. Go to my website at www.invigom98.sg-host.com and click on Recommended Reading and Resources. There is a Practitioner’s Resources section that is chock full of studies and information.  Our doctors need to be encouraged to read this latest information so their clients can feel validated and heard.
I read a comment on our Happy Hormone Facebook page this morning where a reader posted that she mentioned our Happy Hormone Cottage to her doctor and her doctor “went spastic.” Why is this? I responded to the reader that my experience has been that “Condemnation Without Investigation is the Height of Arrogance.”  I don’t know about anyone else, but if I broached a subject to my healthcare practitioner and s/he “went spastic,” I would look for another healthcare practitioner who is more open to hearing what I have to say and investigating that WITH me, instead of having a strong negative reaction. If we continue to do what we do, we will continue to get what we get. If women felt better by the “strategies” of their doctors, they wouldn’t be coming in droves to see me and my Happy Hormone Cottage. I get emails from women all over the country who can’t find a doctor to work with them in natural hormone balance. I guess if I kept reading and believing all of the misinformation and untruths being perpetuated in the media, I would probably be resistant as well. So it really is up to us to do the research and become educated, enlightened and empowered for our best health naturally.
Here is a study written by two doctors that is one of the best I have read. This would be one to share with your doctor. You can find it on my website’s Readings/Resources section. It is called “Hormone Therapy in the Geriatric Patient” by Dr Erika Schwartz and Dr Kent Holtorf. It talks about the tasks of hormones and why it is necessary to replace our hormone levels as they deplete with age. Two of the most important points of this study are:
1) “The scientific literature suggests that natural hormone supplementation with estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, and thyroid hormone has the potential to improve the quality of life and to prevent, or reverse, the many symptoms and conditions associated with aging including: fatigue, depression, weight gain, frailty, osteoporosis, loss of libido and heart disease.”
2) “By the year 2025, there will be 1.1 billion women older than 50 in the world. Women should no longer accept a pat on the back and an antidepressant as a best therapy for hormone imbalance symptoms, often caused by aging and its attendant loss of hormones. Physicians must expand their knowledge and expertise to be able to provide aging women with safe and effective approaches to aging–and provide them with sound information to help them with sound information to help them make the best decisions for their individual situation.”
This is my truth. We can’t believe the media articles by so-called experts. One recently came out that was so blatantly obviously written with the pharmaceutical industry’s agenda, we actually wrote a letter to the editor. These lies and untruths do so much damage to unsuspecting readers. You know, I began my Happy Hormone Cottage educational facility 4 years ago to listen to women, validate them, and educate them on their bodies. I have had to become a women’s healthcare advocate. It was never my intention. But someone has to do it. So now the question I ask is, “Why not me?”  Someone has to have women’s backs in this area of women’s health. Women have got to take their power back and fight for the truth for their bodies. We have to do the work, get the research, and think for ourselves. Our very lives depend on it.

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