What the Heck??


So if you go to your doctor or health care professional to dialogue about your journey with customized BHRT, and you even take clinical studies with you to share credible, validated information with them and their response is, “I won’t read these. I will put them in your file”; and then they proceed to hand YOU a paper obviously written by a pharmaceutical company in favor of synthetic drugs masking as hormones ….here is your response:
“You are obviously misinformed. I will find a health care professional who IS informed and able to think outside the box! Thank you!”
It is a sad day when our standard of care is dictated by drug companies; the head of NAMS (North America Menopause Society) and your practitioner are ALL brainwashed by the propaganda submitted by big pharma as fact AND WE DON’T QUESTION IT…..we just accept it as law???!!! Seriously???!!! Well then, we get what we deserve. Go and be drugged instead of thinking for yourself! Accept your doctor’s word as law. Forget that he or she is visited constantly by drug reps who work for drug companies whose sole purpose is the bottom line. Do you really think they want you to pursue natural options like customized BHRT instead of their drugs? That would mean you might actually discover your health issue and fix THAT instead of just getting drugged!  I mean, you might actually get better!! Hey, it could happen! Just ask the thousands of middle years women who now feel better because they had their hormone levels checked with saliva, (instead of blood-where the ranges are so big, you would actually have to be dead to show up OUT of range!) and pursued customized natural hormone replacement therapy instead of the drug company dosing for the masses! Imagine!

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