What would YOU do???


What would you do if you had important information, life changing information, that goes against the grain of what you have always been led to believe? What would you do? Would you keep it to yourself? Would you tell just your closest friends and family members? Would you do whatever it takes to get that word out there IN SPITE of the resistance you know it will generate? I imagine this is what christopher columbus felt back in the 1400’s when he KNEW the earth was round but everyone else believed what they had always been told….”No, no! The earth is flat! Can’t you see that??!!” Well this is exactly how I feel because I have information about women’s health that is the truth and it is life changing and it goes against the grain of everything we were led to believe AND everything our trusted doctors were led to believe! So what to do? Do I keep this information to myself? Do I share it? And when I share it, how will I get women to understand AND believe my message? You see, I have important information that positively impacts women’s health today, but it goes against everything doctors are led to believe, and therefore everything we are led to believe. So how does change occur? I am hoping through educating women one woman at a time! And when these women feel better for the first time in years, and it is pretty much without the drugs we are forever being prescribed, hopefully this message will grow and expand, because here is what I know–the TRUTH will set you free!   Let me give you an example:  we had a client go to her doctor (one who is new to us) and they had a conversation. She came to us with issues of joint pain, extreme fatigue and low libido. Her doctor has her on a popular estrogen spray that doctors prescribe. I’m not sure why they prescribe it. They don’t check hormone levels before prescribing it. I think their patient must complain of hot flashes or something, so they whip out their rx pad and fill in the current estrogen-of-the-month from their latest drug rep. Here’s the problem with that—when we checked this gal’s hormone levels through a saliva test (which checks hormone levels at the tissue level of cells where it matters) her estrogen level, which should have been between .8 and 12, was a whopping 303! This is such a huge health concern to me because I know that this extremely elevated estrogen level promotes a very real risk for breast cancer. This is what unopposed estrogen does! It raises the risk of breast cancer. Why would we do this? I’m just asking–why? (One reason may be that it is FDA approved AND insurance does pay for it. Oh, and treating cancer IS a billion dollar industry in our country! Just sayin’) As if that isn’t enough, her progesterone level is a 26, when her level should be between 30-300. And although she is currently taking a drug-company made progesterone capsule, it only comes in 2 doses, and again, this gal’s hormone levels were never checked before prescribing this. Obviously, with an estrogen level of 303 (!) this woman needs way more progesterone to try to balance all that estrogen she is being given daily. AND ON TOP OF THIS, (brace yourself!), her ration of progesterone-to-estradiol is a zero! A zero! The range we shoot for is between 100-500! So no wonder this client feels so awful.  So knowing what we know, we made a recommendation for her that is based on her body’s current hormone levels (yes! We actually checked her hormone levels!) and our hormone strategy is based on physiological dosing……meaning it is created just for her; it is individualized. And then we will listen to her body’s biofeedback AND rechecking hormone levels to adjust dosing. Doesn’t this just make sense? Apparently, it didn’t to this gal and her doctor because she chose to disregard our information and stay on her current estrogen spray and “explore other options.” Do tell!!   Do you know how frustrating it is to see a woman do this to her body when I know the risks this strategy carries? But because it accepted standard of care, and it is made by a drug company, then it must be right! Right?  So until and unless this gal decides she is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, then maybe, just maybe, she will consider a more natural approach to hormone balance and give our way a try. What does she have to lose? With a ratio of a zero, there is NO way she could possibly feel worse!   So what to do with the truth I have? I guess I just keep on keeping on, doing what I do to spread the word, and pray that women will listen and understand and accept my intention for what it is: women helping women learn how to live their best life naturally, and take their power back so they can do so.

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