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I received an email from a client who is now feeling better, so she is considering stopping her hormone replacement therapy now that her symptoms of menopause are easing. I happily pointed out to her that her menopausal symptoms, i.e. hormone imbalance issues, are better BECAUSE she has replaced her depleted hormone levels AND that when she stops replacing them, her symptoms will return.  Is it me or does this just make sense??? Here is where the science and education of what we do comes into play. We don’t use natural hormone therapy to just take care of symptoms. We use natural hormone therapy to restore hormone balance for WELLNESS.  I know that estrogen, for example, performs 300 jobs in our body. As we age and go through menopause, we no longer have the estrogen we need to perform these 300 tasks, so we are ripe for disease: heart disease, dementia, and breast cancer among others. Our waning testosterone levels cause osteoporosis and our depleted progesterone levels prevent us from optimal health and good quality of life. Hormone balance is also used to treat metabolic syndrome (high cholesterol, high blood sugar and weight gain.) So I never ask the question, “What does natural hormone balance do for me?” because I know how important it is for WELLNESS. Instead I ask the question, “What diseases will I be inviting if I DON’T use my natural hormone therapy to replace the hormones I have lost through the aging process?” When you look at it this way, in terms of WELLNESS AND PREVENTION OF DISEASE, there really is no question of their importance. And I will say it again, once you already have the disease, it’s a little late to be preventing it, isn’t it?? And once you have the disease, how much time, effort and money will be spent on treating the disease? Wouldn’t a better possibility be to spend money upfront on refilling depleted hormone levels (that deplete with age, starting at age 35) so we don’t get the disease in the first place? This is the best example I can think of that shows that what we practice is what we have. I don’t know about you, but I want the best quality of life I can possibly get as I age. If I can get this through natural hormone balance and using the quality supplements that go with it for optimal health, this is what I am going to practice!

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