What’s a few HOT FLASHES among friends???


Let’s talk hot flashes! Hot flashes have been the butt of many a joke for ages! Most women OF A CERTAIN AGE get them and they are synonymous with menopause—the other word that causes snickers among the masses in our culture. But for aging women, they are no laughing matter!  So what are they and what can we do about them?? (beside stab our husbands and coworkers in the neck when we feel one coming on…..)

Hot flashes can signify a hormone imbalance between estradial and progesterone. We begin to lose our progesterone around age 35 when our ovaries begin to age. Progesterone is responsible for uninterrupted sleep, keeping depression and anxiety away, elevating our mood, preventing sugar cravings, as well as aches and pains and, most importantly-balancing estrogen levels to help prevent breast cancer.  When our estrogen levels also begin to deplete, but at a SLOWER rate than our progesterone, women become estrogen dominant. This means we have way more estrogen than progesterone. This hormone imbalance can result in hot flashes. But take these hot flashes seriously. Not only are they annoying and plenty uncomfortable, they also inform us that our hormones are no longer balanced, and that we DO have an excess of estrogen in our bodies. So what does this mean? Well, did you know that estrogen is a FAT STORER? Show me a menopausal woman who doesn’t have the extra 25-30 pounds around their middle and I’d like to meet her! Estrogen dominance puts weight ON because estrogen is a fat storer. Estrogen dominance can also cause brain fog. But most importantly, unopposed estrogen can increase the risk of breast cancer. So if women become estrogen dominant as they age, and these hot flashes become a way of life because of this dominance, what do we do?

Traditionally, women with hot flash issues go to their traditional-thinking doctors for help and guess what these well-meaning doctors do?? They do NOT check hormones (in God’s name….WHY NOT??)!! They, instead, prescribe an estrogen patch or even worse, oral estrogen! But wait! Didn’t I just say that women have hot flashes because they already have too much estrogen?? That’s right! So WHY do doctors slap more estrogen on us?? Because that is all they know how to do for hot flashes! I must say this is a step up from the horse pee we used to get prescribed to us (and many times, still do today!) But it is not good enough! Our first line of defense for hot flashes is progesterone! Why don’t doctors prescribe it? It can’t be patented, so drug companies can’t make money on it. So drug reps aren’t  pushing it. Guess what they ARE selling? Yep-the estrogen patches and oral estrogens! (By the way, literature suggests there is a strong link between oral estrogen and the increased risk of blood clots.) Nice, huh?

We also recommend a little estrogen topical cream to replenish depleted levels as we age (they just don’t deplete at the same rate as progesterone) and this restoration of our hormone balance is what eliminates our hot flashes!

So when I see a woman fanning herself as she is having a hot flash, I see a woman who is storing 25-30 lbs of excess fat, probably has brain fog, has an increased risk of breast cancer and because she is low in progesterone, she is probably also NOT sleeping, so she is exhausted. Do you know what fatigue indicates? Lack of libido! Tired women do NOT WANT SEX!

Do you see why I want to educate women and empower them to learn a different, healthier way to attack their hot flashes?? It is NOT the estrogen patch! It is replenishing their depleted hormone levels with bioidentical hormones that are compounded specifically for them (yes, they are a prescription from a doctor) and dosed physiologically. This isn’t rocket science! This just makes sense! Visit my website at https://happyhormonecottage.com/ to learn more.

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