When ARE WE going to get a Clue??


Okay, so I had the same exact phone conversation with 2 different women in the span of 30 minutes, AND I hear this same story again and again. I should just make bumper stickers that say,
“I’m ignorant! I’m not educated in this area of my health, So just do whatever you want to me and I’m good!!” Then when women who are hormonally imbalanced, so are suffering from hormone imbalance symptoms:
-weight gain
-brain fog
-no libido
-NO energy
-no motivation
-mood swings
-hot flashes or night sweats or both
visit their doctor for help, they won’t be expected to have an opinion OR A
VOICE, so they can’t be expected to be an advocate for their best health interest! They can just hand their doctor this bumper sticker and just sit there. That would be SO much easier for their health care professional, wouldn’t it? To just have every patient come in, ask no questions, have no dialogue, just place blind faith in the drug therapy that is handed them. Wow! I bet churches sure wish their parishioners were as docile and obedient!!
So I guess my next question is this:
WHEN WILL WE WAKE UP AND BEGIN TO TAKE CHARGE OF OUR OWN HEALTH ISSUES?? When WILL we begin to read and research what’s going on with our OWN bodies as we age? When WILL we recognize that the aging process involves loss of hormones that need to be replenished since we are living so much longer now AND that by doing this we CAN prevent disease? When WILL we recognize that our doctors aren’t Gods, so really don’t have all the answers-ESPECIALLY when it comes to natural hormone therapy that isn’t addressed in medical school.
I do have a novel idea! For those women who do NOT want any part of my bumper sticker; who DO have an opinion on a strategy for their hormone issues; who ARE engaged in the decision-making for their own bodies; who ARE assertive and therefore willing to engage their practitioner in a conversation and intelligently advocate alternate choices for THEIR body….and demand that their voice be heard-these women are the victors! These are the women who are now feeling balanced and better and who are now involved in an anti-aging strategy for disease prevention. These are the women I am most proud of and excited to be working with. Women who have a voice and advocate for their bodies-especially in this area of health care where the waters are so muddy, but the stakes are so high-I URGE you to think for yourself and don’t single-handedly give away all your power to your health care practitioner. This really IS a team effort and a partnership. If you are willing to step out and do the work to develop an informed decision for YOUR body, good for you! I have your back!

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