Why A Foundation?


I began my Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation in early 2014. We received accreditation from the IRS in June, 2014. So why start a foundation? Several reasons impacted my decision. First, I wanted to leave a legacy that would carry on long after I’m gone AND that would have the greatest impact on women’s health. Since founding my Happy Hormone Cottage in 2009, I see with great clarity the impact women’s health has on every part of our families and even our communities. Traversing my own health crisis, I found my niche to help women by championing them to live their best lives naturally through educating and encouraging them to own their journey to natural hormone balance. Six years, 5 Happy Hormone Cottages, and 2 books later, women are feeling better and spreading the word! From this endeavor came my desire to begin a foundation that matters to women everywhere. Right away, I recognized the impact that cancer has on us all and decided this would be a wonderful way to support women, their families and our community.
With cancer, where would I put my energies? There were so many directions to choose from. What I knew I didn’t want was anything to do with the standard of care treatment. My HHC philosophy is based on thinking outside the box of standard of care and big pharma, to Functional Medicine and holistic health.  I wanted to go in a similar direction with my foundation, that focused on the prevention of this disease and the holistic treatment of it that provides options outside the horrific ravages of chemotherapy, our only standard of care option, besides radiation and surgery. I knew there had to be other options besides cutting it out, burning it out or chemically destroying it with the awful side effects and destruction of our immune system.
My first step, which was brilliant, was to hire Kelly Brown as my executive director. She had worked in the nonprofit world previously, understood my vision, and brought a wealth of information to the table. From there, we formed a Board of Advisors, spent several months developing a great website (www.womenshealthinitiatives.org) and have worked tirelessly to build awareness of our vision and to raise money for our goal. What are we trying to do? We believe women’s cancers can be prevented, treated or cured by looking at the body as a whole. We believe pharmaceuticals are not the only answer to this disease. We know there are pioneering scientists, physicians and others who are successfully predicting, preventing, treating, and curing cancer through nutrition, supplementation, and other integrative means. We are supporting their endeavors by raising money and growing awareness of their initiatives. We are daring greatly to put prevention ahead of detection and looking beyond the status quo as the only avenue for the treatment of cancer.
What makes my foundation different? We are asking the hard questions:

1)Why does cancer still exist despite the billions of dollars raised by numerous charities to defeat it?

2)Why is it that we dedicate the entire month of October to Breast Cancer, yet the number of new breast cancer cases has remained steady for over 40 years?

3)We want to know how much of the millions of dollars raised by other cancer foundations is actually going toward the research in the treatment, prevention or cure for cancer? *ALL OF THE MONIES RAISED BY MY FOUNDATION-100%- GOES DIRECTLY TO OUR FOUNDATION GOALS. None of the money goes toward administrative costs.

4)We want to know why chemotherapy has only extended survival in some cancers by 2.1%?

5)We question why survivors of late stage lung cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer has only been extended by 2 months through standard of care chemotherapy over the past 20 years?

In our search for answers, we found pioneering researchers, scientists and doctors who are not just thinking outside the box, they’ve thrown away the box! We are committed to their research and treatments. Our current initiative supports the Rosenberg Integrative Cancer Treatment and Research Institute, where Dr Mark Rosenberg and his team are treating and defeating cancer. His research is showing great promise in clinical trials but funding is critical. Therefore, my foundation is committed to building awareness and raising money on behalf of his organization. Dr Rosenberg calls this program at his institute, “New Hope for Cancer,” and we are pleased to help support him in every way that we can. Dr Rosenberg has concentrated his efforts on altering the cancer environment, while blocking as many pathways of cancer growth as possible. His goal: to convert an acutely progressive terminal disease into a chronic disease that can be managed indefinitely. Cancer affects us all. Personally, I can think of no greater way to impact women, their families, our communities, our world than to support Dr Rosenberg and his New Hope for Cancer initiative! I hope you share our passion!
For more information, or to donate to this amazing cause, please go to www.womenshealthinitiatives.org and click on “Donate.” Or you can email Kelly@womenshealthinitiatives.com.

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