Yay for Dr. Christine Northrup, who appeared on the Dr. Oz show recently and told the viewing audience that “no women should be on synthetic hormones ever! Period!”. When Dr. Oz asked her why doctors, then, just don’t prescribe the natural hormones like progesterone, her response was right on. She said that since progesterone isn’t something you can patent, drug companies can’t make money on it, so they aren’t interested in it. Because drug companies aren’t interested in it, doctors aren’t pursued by drug reps to push the sale of it. Since synthetic drugs masking as hormones ARE manufactured by drug companies and generate much revenue for them, there is a lot of pressure on doctors to prescribe these drugs, instead of natural hormones. Right on, Dr. Northrup!! So now that you know the reason, how might this change your thinking to create a paradigm shift??
REALLY? I had dinner with an acquaintance last evening, who told me,
“You know, women don’t sleep! No woman sleeps! And when we go to our doctors, they just expect us to live with it! So I decided I wanted my doctor to write me a prescription for a sleeping aid. I went in to see him and asked him for this prescription. He wrote it out and handed it to me and that was it! Now I’m taking it and sleeping for 7 uninterrupted hours at night, but you know….I think I’m having some side effects. (Really??) I am more emotional now and can’t handle them as I did before taking my prescription sleeping aid. I also just feel more depressed and anxious. (Really??) What do you think?”
Wow! What I think is that it is really rather sad and actually quite frightening that we can just march into our doctor’s office and ask for a prescription and one is handed over with very few, if any, questions asked. (Really??) When the reality IS that the first line of defense for sleeping issues, anxiety and depression is PROGESTERONE because by the time we hit 40, we are progesterone depleted. I seriously doubt when your doctor hands you an rx for prozac, that you are prozac deficient!! Just sayin’!  Come on, people! The first question your doctor should be asking you when you can’t sleep is, “Let’s get a read on your hormone levels!” And if they don’t ask, then YOU should be demanding that he check your hormone levels! Or better yet, just come see us and let us help guide you! We can help you educate your doctor! My new bumper sticker??
“Become educated, empowered and committed to living YOUR best health naturally!!”

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