“Your Facility Changed My Sister’s Life”

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I just received the following email:
My sister told me her visit to your facility changed her life. Is there a doctor you would recommend in the Las Vegas area who can help me regulate my hormones? Thank you so much. Allison”
I love getting these types of emails. After all, our passion for women helping women is what we DO. It IS life changing for those with the courage and strength to pursue this alternative to current standard of care. Does what we do help every single woman? The short answer is “No.” We work with women who get to their doctor’s office, don’t get approval on our recommendations, so just go home. They don’t have what it takes: grit, determination, the confidence to choose their experiences over their beliefs or the beliefs of their doctor, energy etc to get their needs met. So what we do does not help these women because they won’t allow it. I have to say that our goal is both educating our women in customized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy AND empowering them so they CAN pursue their journey. And if they hit a brick wall, they have the strength and confidence to keep going and, with our help, find another practitioner to work with. Luckily, we now have our own doctor who works with us at our facility (as well as his own), so our triad of the client, the doctor and us is a successful closed system. Our clients who go to our doctor DO get their needs met. They are heard, validated, and our recommendation for their natural hormone balance is approved. Then we can offer the on-going support that helps make this journey successful. What makes customized, compounded bhrt different is that we listen to our body’s biofeedback to adjust dosing. Because we have the compounding pharmacist with us who actually makes our natural hormone therapy, our doctors depend on his knowledge and expertise to guide them in making adjustments to dosing. In fact, one of the biggest advantages to using customized bhrt is that we CAN adjust dosing as needed. Notice how this is so much different than using the popular estrogen patch, that ob gyns prescribe for the common hormone imbalance complaint of hot flashes. This is all estradiol all the time, and way too strong. AND, women over the age of 35 are already estrogen dominant, so how does one justify putting even more estrogen into the system? This would be like inflating a tire already full of air with even more air. Is it necessary? Does it make sense? Not to us. Especially when we know that estrogen is a FAT STORER. This is why women complain of weight gain, brain fog and have an increased risk for breast cancer…it is this estrogen dominant component. So using the estrogen patch, estrogen gel or popular “estrogen product of the month” doesn’t make sense to us.
To answer Allison’s email, yes we can help her even in Las Vegas! She can connect with us via phone for her consultation, do her hormone testing through us, we can write her recommendation for her natural hormone balance and we can guide her in how to find a doctor in her area. But where the rubber meets the road-at the doctor’s office-THIS piece of the journey is all on her. SHE will have to have the strength and courage to get her needs met. And, yes, this may mean going to more than one doctor. It does take time to find the right doctor for us. And make no mistake. We DO know our bodies better than anyone and we have permission to put our experiences above our beliefs and to question our beliefs and the beliefs of our doctors. Be prepared to do so. It is all part of the journey to our best health naturally. It may not be the easiest path, but it is necessary as our FIRST step to wellness. We deserve nothing less.

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