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Osteoporosis and Hormone Therapy

Osteoporosis and Hormone Therapy Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a degenerative health condition that is often referred to as a ‘silent disease’. This is because the condition often goes unnoticed until a break or injury occurs. The term osteoporosis defines bone (osteo) that has become weakened and porous with holes (porosis). So you may be asking, what do osteoporosis and hormone therapy […]

Low Estrogen: How It Affects You

Low Estrogen: How It Affects You low estrogen

Menopause, Low Estrogen, and Their Effects On Women Hormone production slows as we age, that’s just a fact of life. Some people are better equipped to handle that change while others experience a more dramatic drop-off. You might be surprised to find out just how many of your body’s functions depend on properly balanced hormones. […]

Dayton Daily News – JournalNews By Christie Schmidt

Dayton Daily News

By Christie Schmidt – Contributing Writer
In 2004, then 49-year-old Lyn Hogrefe found herself on the verge of plunging headfirst into menopause after undergoing an emergency radical hysterectomy. She was fearful of the physical and emotional changes that lay ahead as her body adjusted to functioning sans a uterus and ovaries.


Four years ago today, I opened my tiny little cottage in the Heart of Centerville. My intention was simply to talk with women. Through my own journey with hormone imbalance issues, and in my ongoing conversations with women of all ages, I recognized the desperate need for a safe place for women to come, tell their story, be heard, understood and validated and most importantly, to be educated on their bodies and hormone imbalance symptoms. I knew that I was one of the lucky few.

“Let Me Talk This Over With My Doctor”

I understand our trust in and attachment to our doctors. We have shared with them personal issues, built a relationship with them, and trusted them to help solve our health issues. So I get it when women come to us to get tested, get treated, get better and want to run our strategy by their trusted health care practitioner. After all, what we do is different. Our Happy Hormone Cottage is an educational resource center of women helping women get educated in the arena of natural hormone balance. It is also a resource center that helps facilitate each woman’s journey to wellness by reestablishing optimal hormone balance that becomes imbalanced through the aging process.


I recently received this email from Andrea (name has been changed):

Good Morning Lyn,
My name is Andrea and I began menopause at the young age of 40. I am now 49 and the last two years have been very challenging for me and my
husband as well. In the last two years I can count on ONE hand how many times we have been intimate. I believe this is causing my mild depression and
being irritated all the time. I love life and am usually a very upbeat…


Over the past 3 years of helping women, since our Happy Hormone Cottage opened its doors in August of 2009, I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing that my passion of educating women really IS what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I spent 30 years in the classroom teaching middle school children, and I’ve simply transferred that passion to educating women about natural hormone balance and their bodies. I found a niche in inner city, just loving children right where they were and coaxing them along to where they needed to be, and somewhere along the way, hopefully instilling in them the belief that I believed in them, so they could learn to believe in themselves. Working with middle years women (age 35 and over) isn’t all that different, except in this case I have to coax them along into believing in themselves when nobody else does; when their family tells them they are crazy; their mothers and grandmothers tell them “this is just the way it is; and even their health care providers aren’t all that validating much of the time.

Go Forth and Be Drugged OR Go Forth and Be Well…the Choice is Yours!

I think you’ve probably heard the word on the street that our reason for being, our passion, is educating and empowering women to live their best life naturally. Such a great cause and one that is desperately needed in our society today. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if women were better and felt well, as they aged, then we wouldn’t be so busy! If, when issues developed, doctors were treating the root cause of the issue, instead of just band aiding these issues to get rid of the symptoms, women would be better. But women aren’t better! I see it every day as they stagger into our offices with obvious hormone imbalance issues of fatigue, weight gain, low libido, hair loss, sleeplessness, brain fog, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues and no joy of life. And the worst part is that the traditional approach to dealing with these issues is just NOT working.

Really? And You Believed Him??

I really hate it when I get all worked up! But gosh darn it, I can’t help it when we get a 40 year old woman’s lab results back
that clearly show she has significant hormonal issues. So we write up a recommendation for her doctor and when she sees him, all he
can say is, “The only thing that is really out of whack is your progesterone level but with me giving you that last shot in July for birth
control, that is why it could be off….so let me give you a prescription for wellbutrin and if it doesn’t help, we can go a different route.”
Wow! Really?