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Hair Loss / Pellet Therapy for a Year……Another Pellet Victim!

I’ve written several blogs on pellets and even dedicated a chapter in my book, “Own Your Journey…..to Natural Hormone Balance,” to pellets and I’m still astounded that in 2016 alone, 25,000 people clicked on and read one blog page in particular: “Pellets-I get asked this question a lot.” I receive emails weekly from pellet-users (I call them victims)

Hormone Pellets

This just in from another hormonally imbalanced woman:

“Greetings Lyn,

I just discovered your website and thank you for all your advice, concern and care for those of us experiencing the challenges of hormonal imbalances. I received

my first sotto-pellet insertion in Sept of 2013, a second in Jan 2014 and a third in late April 2014.