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The Happy Hormone Cottage

Just Because It Is the Standard of Care …..

Have you ever wondered why current standards of care exist? Does it make them the BEST choice just because they have always been done that way in the health field? I think not. I see clients on a daily basis who have been given hysterectomies in their 20’s because they were given no other options!! I suspect many of these surgeries were unnecessary as there probably WERE other options. But if it is outside the realm of our “standard of care,” it can’t be considered. Right?? Wrong! It is way past time for us, especially women, to think for ourselves. I’m always amazed when women I talk to blindly accept their doctor’s word as law. WE need to be doing the research! WE need to become informed on OUR bodies, OUR options, and weigh these against the current standard of care. Just because it IS the current standard of care doesn’t always make it right!!