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The Happy Hormone Cottage


I just flew home from my Happy Hormone Power Hour in St. Augustine, Florida and had a wonderful time. I was very interested to hear each of the participant’s response when I asked them, “What is your interpretation of what HRT is?”  Every woman there, without exception, replied, “Oh, HRT is that bad stuff that causes health risks like cancer.”  I wasn’t surprised, but continue to realize that MY biggest contribution in this area is EDUCATION!  If you listen to nothing else, please hear this: the “bad stuff” that has the serious health risks like breast cancer associated with it: premarin (horse pee), provera (progestin-synthetic progesterone) and prempro (premarin + provera)….these are DRUG SUBSTITUTIONS. These are drugs MASKING as hormones. I call these drugs DST (drug substitution therapy). HRT is Hormone Replacement Therapy which is what we do in our compounding lab at our Piqua Medicine Shoppe. We compound hormones that are bioidentical to the hormones found in your body. So we check your hormone levels first to see which ones are depleted,  and then we customize these hormones for your body! This is HRT-hormone replacement therapy. Actually, it is BHRT-Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. You can rest assured that when you hear someone on tv talking about HRT, they most likely mean the “crappy stuff” (premarin, provera, prempro) that are actually drugs. The reason I am ALL about educating women (and men) on this concept is that this mislabeling has given hormone replacement therapy a bad name. It is just important to understand the difference. It is the drugs masking as hormones, the DST (drug substitution therapy) that is the on-going controversy. I hope this knowledge aids YOU in your understanding.