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The Importance of Commitment and Patience with BHRT

I recently received an email from a relatively new client whose hot flashes are now gone and who is experiencing brain clarity once again, as in no more brain fog (two symptoms of a hormone imbalance) which she says are “HUGE!” But because she is having some energy issues and her libido is still nonexistent, she is considering stopping therapy. My initial response to myself was “really?

What’s a few HOT FLASHES among friends???

Let’s talk hot flashes! Hot flashes have been the butt of many a joke for ages! Most women OF A CERTAIN AGE get them and they are synonymous with menopause—the other word that causes snickers among the masses in our culture. But for aging women, they are no laughing matter! So what are they and what can we do about them?? (beside stab our husbands and coworkers in the neck when we feel one coming on…..)

What A Great First Year!!!

Congratulations to the Happy Hormone Cottage as we celebrate our one year anniversary! I can’t believe how much has happened in just one year! In June, we opened our second satellite office in Rahn Fountain Place at 5450 Far Hills Avenue for follow-up consultations. This was right after we began working out of Sycamore Hospital on Thursdays with one of our practitioners, Dr. Rosalind Jackson, OB/GYN.

Seniors Get It

I had a fun experience at a recent Happy Hormone Hour at the Beavercreek Senior Center! I met with close to 50 women (and 2 poor men!!) between the ages of 55-90 and just had the best time.

The Happy Hormone Cottage and the Three Myths

Once upon a time in the Heart of Centerville was an adorable little cottage where a team of stunning patient counselors lived! They were terribly busy helping women and men navigate the muddy, muddy waters of hormone imbalance by educating them on the strategies for natural hormone balance through customized natural options. Everyone was happy learning new strategies that didn’t involve antidepressants and drugs(!) and women left the cottage feeling validated and respected, AND feeling better than they had in years.