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Valuable Information

I received an email today I was happy to address and think the information is valuable to share. Here goes:
“Lyn, in light of the recent scare with steroid injections and fungal meningitis outbreak….supposedly created at a compounding pharmacy out east. What assurances do we have that the Piqua Medicine Shoppe has very high standards in their manufacturing process? Could you and Jeff address this please and reassure us. Thanks, Sherry.”

The Happy Hormone Cottage and the Three Myths

Once upon a time in the Heart of Centerville was an adorable little cottage where a team of stunning patient counselors lived! They were terribly busy helping women and men navigate the muddy, muddy waters of hormone imbalance by educating them on the strategies for natural hormone balance through customized natural options. Everyone was happy learning new strategies that didn’t involve antidepressants and drugs(!) and women left the cottage feeling validated and respected, AND feeling better than they had in years.

Take Charge Of Your Own Journey

I am always amazed by the feedback from our clients. On occasion, we have had a few of our “hotties” not get optimal treatment. Take Lisa D. for example. She is a 45 year old periomenopausal woman who chose to visit her family doctor. Without looking at her saliva test results or our recommendations for HRT, he instead prescribed Climara patches and Prometrium 100 mg capsules.