I was still feeling a lot of disruption in my sleep and having insomnia for hours and low quality sleep; I could still feel an ‘upswing’ right before bed that made me feel anxious/at alert. I ordered the Adrenal Calm. I have been taking 1-2 an hour before bedtime and I sometimes wake up, but I am able to downshift at night and when I wake up I am groggy and can go back to sleep. I am starting to feel a corrected bell curve to cortisol/cortisone. I am MUCH better at handling and recovering from stresses throughout my day, and able to let go of worry and laugh and fall asleep at night. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING. My husband and I cried for joy about day 8, realizing that I am going to be “me” again and I can function for our family.

Written by invigo2020