All My New Energy

Hi Lyn,

One of the office girls called and left me a message about my progress on the hormone therapy. I’ve been meaning to email you for some time now but with all my new energy, I’ve been a busy girl! I seriously feel like a new person since being on the hormone therapy, taking my regiment of vitamins and eating completely gluten free. What an unbelievable change and difference it has made in my life. My family is thrilled to see me happy and healthy again! Before I got tested, I was sleeping 2-3 hours a night, I couldn’t think or focus on anything, I couldn’t remember simple things (very scary), I was taking numerous naps a day and simply had no energy to function. My stomach seemed to always be a mess and I was gaining weight without eating more food. I was in a depression but continued to tell myself that I was still grieving the loss of both of my parents within a two month time frame. All in all, I was a complete mess. After starting the therapy, it took a good 4 weeks to see the dramatic change (just like you told me) – but I continue to feel better everyday. My energy level is amazing, I’ve lost weight (really without trying), I can think, remember and function mentally again, and I just overall feel great. I tell my husband all the time how I can’t even begin to imagine where I’d be today if I hadn’t gotten tested and started on the hormone therapy. I truly feel like I’ve been given my life back! Much thanks to you and Jeff for what you are doing! Your passion and commitment is changing lives – I’m proof of it!! God bless you both!!