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The Happy Hormone Cottage

Calm and Balance


As I have stated to others before the “education” that you give is invaluable as most aren’t even aware. That was one of the most astonishing things to me is the fact that most believe that these changes and conditions are something that they must “deal” with and don’t even know about therapy options. I was one of those people. I knew I was in some type of pre menopausal with some type of hormone issues going on and found myself in a downward spiral. I tried to manage things on my own until one day in the worst of the worst my partner said ” maybe you should look at going to happy hormone cottage”. I said What? the rest was history. You became a beacon of hope and education to understand, evaluate, and balance the body in a way I did not understand to be possible.
I am so thankful that you and your husband not only tackled to understand your own journey but also shared your experience so others may benefit from where you have been and the balance you have worked to achieve in your own bodies.
You make a difference in so many lives. Not only on the initial consultation, but also like today when the doubt and questions come, through gentle explanation and contact give back hope and understanding.

I am excited for this journey and so grateful for the future in health, wellness and balance hormone therapy offers. I am a believer and have told others as I know this is a much needed service that others need. It is a journey that truly connect one to their own bodies and the natural transormations.