Difference is Astounding

Hi Lyn,

I must tell you, I have only been getting therapy for 6 months and the difference is astounding! I could tell within the first few weeks a difference and it has only become better. I have fibromyalgia and for the past 3 years had not had energy enough or felt good enough to go to the gym, which is telling if you knew me. In fact last year I had to quit my job due to it’s physicality and the fact I hurt so much, mostly because of stress, my opinion. I didn’t sleep much more than 3 hours a night, the depression was off the charts, and belly fat, which I have never had before, left me entirely upset. I had all the symptoms, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, ect., in fact I actually was approved for s.s. disability at only 56 years of age. I am now back at the gym, have lost the 10 pounds I gained, am sleeping well most nights, stress is reduced, no more brain fog, reduced pain and I feel I should look for another job! I tell friends all the time how they should be tested, that it could only help them. So in my humble way am trying to get the word out their 🙂

I just felt the need to share how well I am doing and to thank you and everyone involved in this amazing journey. I have been given my life back, truly.