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The Happy Hormone Cottage

Happy Hormone Cottage is a Special Place

I originally met Lyn by chance in a small retail store that I owned when she came in and recognized me as someone who could benefit from natural hormone replacement. She caught me fluttering around in a hot flash and smiled at me and said, “I have a cream for that!”. That began our journey together and I am proud to say that I have watched her go from her first Happy Hormone Hour to opening a thriving business that I fondly call “The Love Shack”. The nickname is two fold, as I see the love that Lyn shows to every woman that she happens upon no matter where she may be. Lyn is in it with her entire heart. She has dedicated her time to listening to women’s stories and gently helping them make the decisions that are right for them on their individual journey. The Happy Hormone Cottage is a special place that is full of warmth, graciousness and most of all knowledge. Lyn’s dedication to learning the latest on natural hormone balance and the options that women are now afforded is what makes her little “Love Shack” irreplaceable. The Happy Hormone Cottage offers the right direction for YOU, not a one size fits all option. Lyn has been given a gift and she has chosen to share it with us women who are looking for answers to find the road back to who we used to be…stop in and give her a hug. She might just have a cream for you too!!