I Became Pregnant

Good afternoon,

My name is Jana Antil and I am a patient of the Happy Hormone Cottage in Kettering, OH. I am 26 years old and began the testing and prescriptions last fall in hopes of gaining more energy, regulating my cycles, and eventually getting pregnant. I came with irregular cycles ranging from 40-60 days apart, and I had never had a a positive while taking ovulation indicator tests in my life. I had been trying for pregnancy for awhile and Clomid was the next option.

In just two full months of following the HHC prescription, I became pregnant with my first baby who is due this September.

I am a blogger and I decided to share my testimony on the blog after I had many emails, Facebook messages and blog comments from women in their 20’s who were also struggling with infertility and wanted to know more about my story and what I did to become pregnant. Two of them are even local and I directed them to HHC and they made their consultation appointments!

I wanted to share with you the blog post I wrote that shines HHC in a new light, outside of the expected post-menopausal age and directly into the hearts and minds of 20 somethings wanting to know more about natural options of fertility before taking the route of IUI’s, IVF, etc.

If you want to read more about my story, here is the link to my blog post:


Thank you so much and have a great day!