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The Happy Hormone Cottage

I Can’t Be Happier

Hello Lyn and Ladies (Judy, Peggy & Anita),

I want to take a few moments to thank all of you for helping me get in to see Jeff. I appreciate your teamwork in making it happen. You are all GREAT! I am very pleased that Jeff knew what was causing my outbreaks – testosterone level – and he will take care of making the change beginning with my next monthly refill which he will address tomorrow. As I mentioned earlier, it was time for me to have my prescription refilled (actually a bit late because I’d stopped taking it daily due to the facial outbreaks). I can’t be happier knowing how well you take care of your patients. I will be sure to let others know how positive my experiences have been at The Happy Hormone Cottage and how well you all work together for your patients. Thanks again to all of you.