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The Happy Hormone Cottage

I Feel So Fortunate

I am improving each day. I have been reading a great deal about bio identical hormone replacement and have subscribed to Life Extension. I am very intrigued and surprised by what I am learning. I had no idea how enormous this is and how pharmaceutical companies do not want the public to know about this. I feel so fortunate to find out there is an alternative out there and I do not have to feel horrible or age beyond my years. I am beginning to feel more vibrant each day. I want to expand my knowledge more and more and begin to help other women know they do not have to feel tired, depressed, overweight, and helpless because believe me you have shown me that we do not have to accept this as a normal way of life! As you know; I have been an RN for years and have dealt with the medical aspects of pharmaceutical companies and physicians who will not listen to symptoms or alternative treatments.

This is very refreshing!