I was a mess!

This is a note of appreciation for the care I have received from your facility.  I came to your HHC as I was in a bad frame of mind and physically I was a mess.  My doctor had given me every antidepressant under the sun.  I think he had basically given up and labeled me bipolar.  I was depressed, tired, overweight, lethargic and had resigned myself that this was the new me and I had to accept it.

   A friend told me about your Happy Hormone Cottage.  I visited your Mason location and had my step one consultation. I was told that if I followed your suggestions and protocol, that I WOULD get better.  I went through all the testing and the results were shocking.  I had no idea that I had so much going on in my body.  At my nurse practitioner appt with Tammy, I was prescribed the appropriate supplements and medications.  When I left the office that day, I had only a glimmer of hope that all this would work.  I was on 7 different medications, a mood stabilizer as well as anti anxiety medication.  I didn’t know if I was coming or going.

   After one week, I began to feel less tired, less stiff.  Then one month later, I woke up and felt …normal. NORMAL? That word left my vocabulary years ago.  I religiously followed Tammy’s customized strategy based on your cutting edge testing and here I sit, 6 months later—and it sounds like something everyone says, but I sincerely mean this—this treatment saved my life. I was going straight down hill. Doomed to a life that meant popping pills to stay level. Taking one pill to counteract another pill.  What a mess. 

   It is important to know that my physical health problems are also MUCH better with magnesium, vitamin d and an adrenal support. I take the Lipo-B injections and I eat healthier.  I am doing my part because your facility did their part. 

   Lyn, if you ever think that you aren’t doing important work, changing lives and even SAVING lives your so wrong.  People complain about different things.  Prices, hours blah blah…If you are serious about getting better then you have to commit 100%.  I have lost weight, my complexion is clear, I am happy, energized and revived—but the best part is I no longer take any medications that were for mood, anxiety or mood stabilization- I don’t need them!—I would recommend this for any woman who is struggling to figure out what is wrong with them.  I started this program hoping, wishing and praying and after 6 months, my wishes, hopes and prayers have been answered.

With gratitude,
Tracy M.