I was Skeptical

I want to write to you to tell you what a difference the Cottage has made in my life. I’ve been on my “treatment” for two months now and I met with Jeff two weeks ago to discuss how things were going. I went to the appointment thinking I would just be telling him what everyone tells him – that I felt better pretty much overnight. I told him I knew there were seven changes that were made at one time and I’ll never be sure which made the difference or if it was the combination. I also told him that feeling better in only a day or two may have been in my head but I don’t think so. If it was, that’s ok, too, because I feel so much better! Jeff was genuinely thrilled to hear my results. He listened. He answered my questions and added any information he could to better inform me. We didn’t change a thing about what I was doing because it was working so well. When I first talked with you about this treatment, you told me it usually takes a woman three months to get better but I should plan on it taking six months to get balanced because of my issues. I cannot wait to see how incredible I will feel after six months! I want women to know that I was skeptical before I came to the Cottage about what it could do for me. There are so many false claims these days, “modern day snake oils”, trying to lure us in to take our money and we do need to be wary but the Cottage is not one of them. The things you are doing WORK! When I came to the Cottage, I had done a lot of reading and researching BHRT and the growth of the Cottage. I was at the point where something had to change, the research I had done was promising, and I had some flex plan money that had to be spent before the end of the year. I think of this as “providence”. Now, I can’t stop telling everyone, co-workers, friends, relatives, sometimes even new acquaintances. I’ve been taking Synthroid for a thyroid problem for about five years. In that time, I’ve gained about ten pounds a year no matter what diet and exercise program I tried to do. I was tired all the time, had aches and pains in my knees, feet and ankles. It was becoming more and more of an effort to get through the day. My thinking was disorganized. I was under a lot of stress and felt I could cry at any minute. I was bloated and had horrible stomach aches almost every day to the point I didn’t want to eat lunch because I would have to suffer again. I was dragging myself through life and thought, “well, that’s just how it is when you get old”. Now, I have energy and enthusiasm for life. The stress is still there, but I am much better equipped to cope with it. The stomach aches and bloating are completely gone! I’m able to walk all day long without the knee, feet and ankle pain. I’ve only lost one pound but I’ve stopped gaining! My husband told me it’s like I’m a different person. I feel happy again. You guys at the Cottage told me I have an allergy to gluten so stop eating that. You said dairy products might be part of the problem. You asked me if the doctors had ever told me I might have Hashimoto’s disease. My answer was that although I have been diagnosed with thyroid problems, they’ve never said Hashimoto’s. You tested for T3 and not just T4 for thyroid issues.

Inthe past five years, no one else ever tested my T3 even though there’s plenty of information on the internet about this part of the thyroid problem. Sure enough, your test showed my T3 being very low. You told me I needed Progesterone cream, adrenal stress formula, vitamin D, and selenium. I requested a change from the Synthroid to the natural thyroid treatment. I trusted you and still do. This treatment has made a huge difference in my life. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll write again in a couple of months with even more good news, I’m sure.