I Will Look So Hot

Hi Lynn,

The day after I met with you & Jeff I joined Premier Fitness. I have been working out religiously 3-4 times a week after working a 10 hour day. I come in from work, change clothes & go back out the door. Working out is something I really enjoy & have been putting off doing for quite some time, mainly because my daughter was younger. I just started doing Zoomba last week & love it!!! The weight is finally starting to come off & my clothes are fitting better. I will look so HOT by next spring. Mentally I am doing better both at home & at work. I am doing my work quicker & more efficiently. I now interact more & make suggestions at our staff meetings. My husband & I are communicating better & not miscommunicating over silliness. My libido is slowly getting better. Keep up the good work & THANKS SO MUCH FOR CARING.