I Would be Thrilled

Hi Lyn,

I found your Happy Hormone Cottage over a year ago, which was a true blessing after suffering from many symptoms for years and doctors thinking I was nuts. When I came to you, you validated everything I had been feeling and after the consultation I felt free, like finally someone gets me and can help put me back together. I was 34 when I found you, but I had been suffering since I was about 28.
My reason for emailing you is two fold. First I want to thank you for helping me find myself again, to be able to do the things I need to for my family and live a happy life. Secondly I want to know how I can help others like myself. I was not the “normal” pre-menopausal or menopausal woman when I started to have issues, and I can’t imagine how many other young women are out there needlessly suffering that don’t have to. What you do for women is awesome and I would love to get involved in anyway I can. This has become a passion of mine- hormones and health- and I want to educate everyone I know. My mom finally got tested and started on bio-identicals and the transformation in just a few months is amazing.
Do you have any suggestions on how I can get involved, besides spreading the word about the Happy Hormone Cottage (I do that each chance I get, and have referred several women)? I would be thrilled to help women find hope and happiness again! Any insight you might have would be awesome!
Thanks for all you and Jeff do!