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The Happy Hormone Cottage

I Wouldn’t Know Where to Turn

I’m always so happy to read your updates. I’m being honest with you, if it wasn’t for the Hormone Cottage I wouldn’t know where to turn. I use the hormone creams daily. I also took some of the supplements for two years as directed. Some of them I no longer take because I was advised by you on the specific length of time I should take them. I followed that time line and honest to goodness I feel great. I’m not tired and I have my energy back.
Our health care system is useless. I’m really scared about the direction our health care system is headed and our country. Lyn and Jeff I go to sleep feeling better just knowing that there are dedicated, sincere, and caring people like you who really want to help people. I know I have said it before you but without you I would probably end up in a nursing home just like my mom did. I’m behind you guys all the way. I wanted to pass this information on to you and Jeff because I want you and Jeff to know that we need people like you who care. Please feel free to pass this information on to the new Dr. that has just signed on. I will continue to keep letting people know about the Hormone Cottage.
God Bless both of you