Ladies, there is HELP and HOPE

I was reading the newspaper and saw an article about the Happy Hormone Cottage. It sure got my attention and I LOVE THE NAME!!!!!!!!. I am a two year Breast Cancer survivor. My Cancer was caused by too much estrogen. At the age of 35 I had ahysterectomy, then was put on a hormone patch (I am now 53). After two surgeries and 35 radiation treatments, I went into full blown menopause. I thought the world had ended. I was a different woman and not in a good way.My husband thought I had lost my mind and so did I. My actions were not very lady like, but I didn’t care. One of my friends told me about Dr. Cathy Nelson at Life Stages for Women, so I went there (I think my husband evenmade the appt.). She tested my blood and then sent my results to the Piqua Medicine Shoppe where I was to meet themost wonderful lady of all – Sandy. My first and only question to her was, “Can you fix me?” She said, “YES”! That was one year ago, and I am doing so much better (my husband thinks so too!). Ladies, there is HELP and HOPE. Husbands, stand by your spouse. I thank God for my husband all the time (when we took our wedding vows I don’t think menopause was in there, ha). God Bless your work.