Libido is Back

I can honestly say today that I am doing great. My hormones are great & the libido is back (yay!) I attended the Weight Loss thing 2 months ago at the Holten Wellness Clinic & bought the Vanilla Smoothie powder. It’s amazing & I almost need more. I have it in my breakfast smoothie every day. I’ve been working with my OB GYN as well on my weight loss (same time frame) & I’m happy to report I’ve lost 15 pounds. Oh & I have given up wheat (except for the occasional slice of pizza that is). The wheat thing itself is amazing. The bloating & gas I’ve experienced for years now seems to be a thing of the past. Amen! I never thought I could feel this great. My body is starting to resemble the me I recognize. My husband & I are even thinking of having his hormone balances checked. Thanks for doing what you do. You’re amazing.