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The Happy Hormone Cottage


“The Mason Happy Hormone Cottage and Centerville Happy Hormone Cottage have helped me to take the best care of my body via hormone treatment with Tammy Blevins in Mason, and genetic testing with Dr. Jeff in Centerville. As a woman, there’s never a wrong time to get the details on your hormones. My quality of life has DRASTICALLY improved since I began to seek treatment from the Happy Hormone Cottage. Seriously! Absolutely.

Dr. Jeff helped me to finally find the biological WHY behind my own mental health illnesses. I took a genetic test that was designed to help mental health patients, and it was absolutely mind-blowing. I had my body’s blueprint! It was like an instruction manual specific to me and only me.  Dr. Jeff helped me to find the right combination of supplements, vitamins, and bio-identical hormones that would give my body the best chance to run as smoothly as possible. Lyn Hogrefe is a life-long educator with the Happy Hormone Cottage, and she has a passion for women’s health. She empowers women with the knowledge to not just survive, but thrive! 

💗 H.H.C.!  ~Lisa”