You Have Literally Changed My Life!

Dear Lyn,

I’m much too late in writing this to you, although I have expressed my appreciation to both your husband, Jeff, and to the incomparable Kimi. I have now been on your program for a year and you have literally changed my life. We have done a lot of tweaking — from supplements to one more click to compounding my Armour. All along the way Jeff and Kimi have been there for me and never gave up. Others have given up on me but they won’t.

I wish for other women the transformative feelings that have brought me back to my husband and our marriage. I’m lucky that I have a husband “that waited” for me to come back to him. I had been “gone” for a long time thanks to the masking of antidepressants and the not-so-fulfilling pellet therapy. I’m happy every morning. I sing and dance doing minimal chores. Life is different — thanks to the incredible team of Jeff and Kimi.

I owe you so much but all I can give you is my admiration and loyalty for as long as you will keep me as a client. I do spread the word here in Texas where pellets are spreading like wild fire. If I could have only one wish is that you could ship to me directly here in Texas!!

Someday soon when we are showing horses in Lexington, I will make the trip to the Piqua pharmacy and give Jeff and Kimi very tearful hugs of appreciation and joy!!! In fact, I have had tears just writing this email but they are tears of happiness!!!

God bless you all and I wish you the greatest success in spreading your message of transforming lives!!