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The Happy Hormone Cottage

My Hair Loss is Almost Non-existent

Hi Lyn,

Great news. I lost two pounds without even trying for the first time in over a year and my hair loss is almost non-existent. Isn’t that great? Your husband was wonderful with the adrenal & thyroid advice. I still have to take the test next month with Dr. Guy’s office for the thyroid levels; especially the T-3 which Jeff thinks is the culprit. The nutrition advice has been a godsend. The other good news is I received a 3.0 GPA for the first time at WSU and carrying a full load too…because of my health, my grades were lacking for the requirements. However, now that I see that there is hope, I am beginning to believe again, it brings tears to my eyes! I told the story of how I came to this point to a group of colleagues the other day because they were asking me questions, they were all so shocked. Some of the women were getting close to the 35-40 ranges, and inquiring about how I found treatment. I shared my experiences and gave them the address to your web site for info. Interesting how I can see it in other women now and I feel for them. I’ll keep passing the word & I know you’ll be there and as dedicated as always! I do look forward to meeting you. Thanks so much again, and I’ll keep you posted!