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The Happy Hormone Cottage

My Life Has Changed Dramatically

My life has changed drastically since meeting with Jeff and Lyn from the Happy Hormone Cottage. For over 20 years since my total hysterectomy, I have been searching for help by reading, seeing traditional and alternative doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, psychologists, sleep specialists, even hypnotherapists. I had just about given up when my husband saw the ad for the Cottage. He went by and picked up all the materials and talked with Lyn and Judy. From my very first meeting with them, I knew I had found help. They didn’t promise miracles but said that if I followed the program, I would feel better by Christmas. They were true to their word. I have not felt this good for two decades. Since it is the holiday season, let me express my appreciation this way. I now feel I can rejoice!!!!!! Rejuvenated Energized Joyous Organized Interested Creative Excited