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No More Pain Meds

Hi Lyn,

It is good to hear from you. I am working with Jeff and Dr Guzman even today regarding my on going sleep problem and scripts. I appreciate your Jeff as I have met with him once, spoken with him twice and we are currently looking at back & forth emails regarding prescription changes. I am so much improved. It is so amazing to have suffered with fibro for 15 years and now be a new person. I don’t take any pain meds. I guess the drug companies will have to cut salaries now! (sorry just a sick joke). Really in less than 8 months it is a miracle and I am thankful to God for leading me to the HHC. I go to my primary care doctor Wed for check-up & blood work, this should be interesting as he is anti hormones. I told him before he didn’t have a vote as he had no ovaries—oops, me either! Your new commercial plays every weekday morning while I am getting ready for work what a cutie you are! May God bless you and yours,

Written by Lyn Hogrefe