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The Happy Hormone Cottage

Thank You

Hi Lyn, I got an email today from Tammy asking how I was doing. Well, I can’t believe how much better I am!!! Hot flashes – GONE Night sweats – GONE Sleep pattern – WOW my husband can’t sleep because I’m snoring so much and, through the night! Mood swings – GONE (except for the good ones) Energy level – Improving (I work a lot of stressful hours) I have been singing your praises! And I would like to see if we can get you to come in for a talk on the benefits of BIHRT? Also, I gave your name and contact info to a girl this past weekend that was working here in Centerville. She needs you Lyn (hot flashes, moody, miserable) so I’m hoping she calls you very soon. I do have a couple of questions: 1. The supplements (ADRENAL STRESS, ETC.) I am taking 2 of each in the morning but I can’t seem to get the dose in the afternoon (crazy schedule) so I have been taking only one of each when I get home from work around 7:30pm. (3 x a day of each supplement) Is this ok? 2. What can I do for my weight, I have gained about 40lbs. in the last 6 years and my schedule is so crazy I can’t seem to get more than a hike or bike ride in a few times a week? I am used to being a real hard body and I hate how I look now! I guess you can tell I’m feeling better and I would really like to help you spread the word. I was very disappointed in my doctor’s advice for the past 6 years (he recommended porn!!!) and, his reaction to this treatment (he couldn’t have been more WRONG) so I would like to know how I can help you get more doctors on board with this sort of treatment for women. THANK YOU!!!!!

PS… My husband and co-workers thank you too!