Thyroflex Results

I’m so happy to share my Thyroflex experience with you! First, I’ve been using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy through the Happy Hormone Cottage for the last five years with great results. It has truly improved my quality of life! I’ve been able to stop taking anti-depressants and arthritis medication, I can sleep through the night, my hot flashes are gone, and my libido has returned! Although my energy level improved, the stresses of a busy life still left me dragging at the end of the day. I jumped at the opportunity to have my thyroid tested with your new Thyroflex machine. The results determined my thyroid was functioning below optimal level and I was prescribed thyroid medication by your Nurse Practitioner. Within 30 days I noticed improvement in my energy and mood. After 60 days I feel like a new person. My outlook is even more positive, I have enough energy to last through the day and evening, I’ve lost weight , and my nails are stronger! Thank you so much for all you do for women’s health – keep up the good work!