Y’all are Angels

I feel great! I am exercising! Yes, this couch potato has gotten herself off her butt almost every night this past week to do something. I purchased a couple of Leslie Sansone’s walking routine DVDs (Walk Away the Pounds and Five Mile Workout). The routines go for one, two, three, or five miles. I did the one mile for a couple of times, but now I do the two mile at least… And when I get the time, I do two miles twice in a day. I’m working my way up to the three mile, but my body isn’t quite ready for it yet. I can tell my body is craving the exercise, and I WANT to do the exercises. This is a total turn around for me… I never had the energy to exercise before! I feel totally amazing! I am sleeping, I am clear and functioning at peak performance and I feel YOUNGER! Thank you so much, Lyn! I am so HAPPY I found the article about the Happy Hormone Cottage on the DDN web site! Y’all are ANGELS!