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The Happy Hormone Cottage

You are Dedicated to Helping People


Thank you so much for taking the time to reassure me. I hope that you and Jeff realize how important you are to the women who are making the decision to use BHRT.

I’m very sincere when I say this. Our world is so fast paced and money seems to be one of the main reasons that motivates people. Some people use the money that they make to further their own agenda. You and Jeff are an example of two people that have started a business and are dedicated to helping people get healthy. I know in my heart that the pleasure you get is from knowing that you are helping people. You are saving lives. There are not many people that have the values that you have.

Its strange sometimes how peoples paths end up crossing. I think to myself quite often, where would I be if I had not found out about the hormone cottage. It’s a blessing!

Custom compounds for cancer treatment sounds like an approach to treating cancer that could save thousands of lives. I will remember to say some prayers for you. I hope that you will be able to pursue this goal.

Jeff and Lyn, thank you and please know how much your clients appreciate you