You Guided Me

Hi Lyn,

Hope your doing well. I just wanted to let you know that my doctor called today with the results of my latest dexa scan. The doctor told me that she continues to see improvement in the strength of my bones.

As you know I started on BHRT around five years ago. I had my first dexa scan one and a half years after starting BHRT. My first scan showed some improvement in the strength of my bones. I’m so excited about my latest scan. I continue to show improvement. My doctor told me to continue with everything I’m doing.

I remember my first visit with you at the cottage. I talked to you about my mother suffering with osteoporosis and her passing from complications due to her osteoporosis. You encouraged me to get tested. You and Jeff worked with me to get the correct dosage for me. You encouraged me to be patient. I’m so glad I stuck with it and stuck with both you and Jeff.

Getting healthy doesn’t happen over night. It took a determined effort from me to improve my eating habits, sleep, exercise and reduce my anxiety (still working on that one) and to get the correct and most natural form of hormone replacement. The most important part of this journey was having both you and Jeff there to guide me. Both of you have never let me down. I’m going to keep pushing on. I’m so thankful that I took the time to make that first appointment.

God bless and thank you